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Present in more than 120 countries, the company L’Oreal Paris revolves around the same philosophy: to innovate and offer more consumers the most effective products at the best price. L’Oreal Paris performs this philosophy through research in its own laboratories and the will to democratize professional know-how cutting edge.

With its continuous goal of striving for excellence, L’Oreal Paris prepares the future of beauty. Their commitment and values of authenticity, respect and proximity to women and men around the world have allowed them to be the world leader multiethnic universe of beauty.

With almost 40 years of experience in color, Palette is the brand color expert and trust in which millions of women. We are proud to gather and exceed the expectations of its consumers. From intense, lasting and caring colors with 100% coverage of white hair, even trendy colors with a professional combination of specially developed by Colorists pigments and even tones that blend creating a fabulous mousse with fruity fragrance – Palette offers a wide range of products adapted to all needs.

LOREAL EXCELLENCE. It is in the “Third Act” when everything starts to make sense. Women live an average of 30 years longer than their grandmothers and are fully aware of the possibilities that this change can offer. Entrusted, full of energy and joy. They are redefining what it means to be “major”. After several years of research on the specific needs of hair color mujers +65, L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect presents Excellence. Our 1st color for mature hair with a lot of gray. Its unique technology achieves a color nuances that softens the root effect. Full of light and no gray. And with your brush, it is as easy as combing hair. This revolution transforms women, providing confidence full of energy and joy. The revolution that transformed women. Ready for resistance, now they captivate the world once again!

4 October 2016