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We are in Frontera, El Hierro

We are located in Frontera in a very accessible location with many parks throughout the area. Our store is very bright and very easy to find.

Wide variety of products

We want our customers to find everything they want. It is therefore important for us to have all items that the customer might need

Comfortable facilities
To buy must be done in a good atmosphere. We make available to all customers a veryneat and comfortable so that they are in a familiar environment large room.

About us

Knows how we work. Everything we do is focused so that the customer can find everything you need and leave happy to have met.

personal attention

Our staff will attend to you for advice on any product

Professional service

In La Tiendita we train our staff so it can provide the latest information on all our products

Your trusted store

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happy customers

I wanted to buy a nail polish and found several that I liked. I had a doubt and asked the staff a very friendly service. I liked!

Sandra Morales Pérez,

I need advice for makeup and the girl advised me a very friendly and professional manner.

María del Cármen Pérez Gutierrez,

The little shop is really fantastic. Needed deodorant and I was lucky to find a very good price. Thank you!

Emilio Murias Aumente,
Web designer